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Mission Statement
To teach students the skills they need to reach their highest potential.

Vision Statement
To make sure all students are given an opportunity to make an impact on the world around them.

Our amazing paper products are created by our amazing students in the 12+ program.  These students range in age from 19 to 21 years old and have both cognitive and physical disabilities.  They are working on learning skills that will lead to employment after graduation.

Each handcrafted card is made from recycled paper which the students make themselves.  It begins with the students gathering paper that needs to be shredded from around our school.  Once the paper is gathered it is shredded by our students and used to create the new paper (Here is a link to video that shows how paper is made. ).  Once the paper is made it is laid out in the sun to dry. Thanks to Todd Thornbrough and Jeannie Patton for their generous contributions to our program our students have access to both a Cricut and a Sizzix machine to create the shapes for the cards.  The students are able to pick which design they would like to use, the colors of the items and the placement of the items on the cards.  So, every card is an orginal, handmade just for you the buyer!!

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